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About Glenn

Glenn enjoys sharing his beach and street photography gift throughout Atlantic Beach and beyond. He brings everyday scenes to life with his appreciation for the beauty and vibrance of beach life. 

What sets Glenn’s work apart? He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of a moment. His deep connection to the beach community shines through his photos, reflecting great sentiment and character in his art. His sea-side images evoke emotions and profoundly reveal the ocean’s mood.

His sunrises and sunsets are much loved and sought after for their glorious colors and creative compositions. They have an ethereal quality that’s hard to describe yet impossible to forget. 

Glenn’s work has been described as the ‘’Norman Rockwell of local photography” and is well-known throughout the area. His mesmerizing street scenes make us feel like it’s our neighborhood, our friends, and an uncommonly fun place to live, work, and play. 

Glenn shot the covers for Atlantic Beach Living magazine for 5 years and is available to help create memories for you and your family or business. You can see some of his phenomenal work at Atlantic Beach Art Market and the One Ocean Resort.

Over one thousand of his photographs have found homes in private and public collections. 

Glenn is proud to call Atlantic Beach his home and to share his inspiring images with everyone.

What The Locals Say About Glenn  

"There are so few people who know how to really capture the essence of 'our' beach, and you are one of them!"
Sarah Anthony 

Glenn so beautifully captures our Paradise, aka Atlantic Beach! His talent never ceases to amaze me. He takes something that I would look at and think "pretty" and somehow captures it in such a way as to make it extraordinary! Glenn's shots always make my days a bit brighter!
Penny Kamish (long-time Atlantic Beach resident) 

You seem to be able to catch the most memorable and amazing moments that everyone just glances at and doesn't take the time to see the real beauty of nature. Thank You!
Beverly Brantley 

From the first photos I saw posted 6 years ago that were taken by Glenn Shuck, you have captured that "thing" that is hard to describe especially about our local nightlife. I love our little corner of the world here.
Connie Newell Langston (local Jax Beach resident)

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